Integral thought

So far this is only a list of bookmarks, the subject is very big and I had some situations (since i’m an active member of the agile IT society in hamburg) when this theory and ideas crossed my way.

All this bookmarks are a quick (even it took me long to put them together) collection, which cyrcle arround some keypoints in which i’m very interested.

Some of the links go very deep in philosophical and therfor in a very theoretical ways. Right now i have no idea, where all this theories lead to and which are facts i’m interested in and what is not in my focus. Therefor this is not yet my collection it is only ‘a collection‘.

First time was a day workshop of the OOSE company in hamburg.OOSE’s purpose is to teach, coach and support software companies in moderen development pattern, modern engineering, soft skills, modern ways of leading and management.

In the beginning of this workshop we had a nice role game where everybody could experience the evolution stages of humanity, like loofing arround and finding food.

This model got transfered to the modern society and economy. Each company is on a specific evolution stage, This stages are defined in the “spiral dynamic model (Graves-Model)”.

General a companies evolution is natural only gies step by step from one stage to the next higher (if  at least it is the idea of the company leaders to develop to the next stage).

Integral thought

Integral theory (Integral thought)

Ken Wilber

Integral Institute

Tetsugen Bernard Glassman

Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics

Clare W. Graves (en)

Clare W. Graves (de)

Graves-Systeme – Das Modell von Clare W. Graves

Don Beck (management consultant)