Modern Commuication & Orga

Working and Processlevel:

  • Agile Methods
    • Developmentframeworks
      • SCRUM
      • CRYSTAL
      • XP
    • Projectmanagement (Middle Management)
      • Agile Projectmanagement

Management level:

  • Enterprise 2.0
    • Strengh of weak ties
    • Leading as a service
    • New Ways and tools for company communication and above
      • Wikis
      • Blogs
      • Foren

Intercommunication between all company levels

  • Enterprise 2.0
    • New Ways and tools for company communication and above
      • Wikis
      • Blogs
      • Foren
    • Crowd inteligence
      • Listen to it
      • Management by the crowd
    • Visual communication
      • Graphical description of complex matters
      • Graphical breakdown structures from the complex to the easy (devide and conquer)
      • Graphical communication pattern
    • Mindset
      • Leading as a service
      • Everybody does what he/she can do best
      • selforganisation
      • Focus the goal and the solution
      • More crowd decisions less personal

Intercommunication between companies

Integral thought (Environmental responsibility)

Economic evolution

Not only IT companies

All i know abot modern live, work, the way how to communicate, the way how to manage, the way how management and communication should be, the way how to process, the way how to process a team, is all based on my experience on my last 12 years inside the IT community. Over the last 6 months i had many talks to people from the area of design, architecture, publisher, softwaredevelopment, sociologist, retail, logistic, textil, consulting

Just reason i realised, all what my ideas about are not only IT based. The whole community of the planet earth is realising it is time to change. Therefor all “21. Century Enterprise” ideas are for everybody.

Only at some points we have to transform it from IT bases to general bases.


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