A Perfect dive

We just finish Dinner, inclusive a extra dish from Our Landlord Alesandro to give us a Perfect stay in his place “Mvuvi”. After a Great Dinner a bottle of South african wine and a Grappa we enjoy the incredible fullmoon. Would be Perfect for a Night dive, but because of the Riff and the Low Tide (i’m completaly pissend with Apple auto Text complete While typing this Text, what a fuckup stupid bad engineering Tool), Here Is no Nightdive possible.

With 2 South africans i went on 2 very nice deepdives. Down on 40m we saw 3 white Tip sharks of about 2m each. Murray eels a Lot of different colorful Fish and at The end when we went back on The little boat, we just bumbed into a Dolphins School of about 10 Dolphins, so mask and fins on again. 2 of them just came straight to me And gave me one of My most intense And special interspiece experiences i had so far in The water. The experiences of Meeting a stark Is increfible But The shark give You The feeling of he do not care about you (Thats good for you) but a Dolphins trys somehow to communicate with you.

The Second Five was not planend go be Deep again but a Giant turtle of 1,5 m let us go Deep again for a Couple minutes, before i saw Fürst time in My life 2 Giant frog Fish what was also amazing. What a deam amazing Diving Day. I love Afrika. I just Heard for any caine of Sharks i just have to go Go South Afrika, for whalesharks to Mafia Island and for Giant Mantras to Mosambik. Well this will be out next holidays. We will Walk out NOW to The riff, because of fullmoon is is dämliche here at The moment and The lowtide is minimum in The extrem aswell as hightide dornig Day for today and tomorrow.

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